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JILA Directory

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Name Position Group Phone Email
Dushyant Narayan Client Dessau dushyant.narayan@colorado.edu
Hans Toya Nembach Sr. Research Associate Kapteyn/Murnane hans.nembach@nist.gov
David J Nesbitt Fellow JILA Nesbitt 303-492-8857 djn@jila.colorado.edu
Kia Boon Ng Graduate Student Cornell/Ye 303-492-7784 ngkiaboon@gmail.com
Quynh Le Nguyen Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-7141 quynh.l.nguyen@colorado.edu
David A Nicholson Graduate Student Nesbitt 303-492-6874 david.nicholson@colorado.edu
Justin F. Niedermeyer Graduate Student Ye 303-492-1638 justin.niedermeyer@jila.colorado.edu
Jun Nishida Client Raschke jun.nishida@colorado.edu
Matthew A Norcia Research Associate Kaufman/Ye 303-735-1702 matthew.norcia@colorado.edu
Thomas John Nummy Client Dessau 303-492-3308 thomas.nummy@colorado.edu

JILA follows the six University nodes' policies for ensuring harassment-free environments. For more detailed information regarding the University of Colorado policies, please read the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.