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JILA Directory

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Name Position Group Phone Email
Daniel Packman Technical Staff Computing 303-492-4221 daniel.packman@jila.colorado.edu
Nicolas A Padilla Graduate Student Jimenez 303-492-2083 nicolas.padilla@colorado.edu
Michael D Paige Technical Staff Computing 303-492-7779 mdpaige@jila.colorado.edu
Daniel Alexander Palken Graduate Student Lehnert 303-492-3906 daniel.palken@colorado.edu
Scott B Papp Member Regal papp@jilau1.colorado.edu
Kyoungduck Park Client Raschke kypa9412@colorado.edu
Robert P Parson Fellow JILA Parson 303-492-7751 rparson@jila.colorado.edu
Kristen Marie Parzuchowski Graduate Student Jimenez 303-492-5735 kristen.parzuchowski@colorado.edu
Bradley W Pearlman Graduate Student Smith 303-492-2548 brpe4351@colorado.edu
Thomas T Perkins Chair/Fellow JILA Chair/Perkins 303-492-5291 tperkins@jila.colorado.edu
Michael A Perlin Graduate Student Rey 303-492-4970 michael.perlin@colorado.edu
Rosalba Perna Fellow Adjoint Chair rosalba@jilau1.colorado.edu
Jacob A Pettine Graduate Student Nesbitt 303-735-5825 jacob.pettine@colorado.edu
Madeline M Pettine Student Worker Cornell 303-492-7784 madeline.pettine@colorado.edu
Eyvon Marie Petty Administrative Staff Administration 303-735-1985 eyvon.petty@jila.colorado.edu
Asier Pineiro Orioli Research Associate Rey 303-492-4970 aspi0244@jila.colorado.edu
Isaiah Pisani Student Worker Supply Office 303-492-0331 isaiah.pisani@colorado.edu
Jared S Popowski Student Worker Cornell 303-492-6307 japo3762@colorado.edu
Diane Przygocki Administrative Staff Administration 303-492-1798 diane.przygocki@colorado.edu

JILA follows the six University nodes' policies for ensuring harassment-free environments. For more detailed information regarding the University of Colorado policies, please read the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.