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JILA Directory

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Name Position Group Phone Email
Meredith G Taggart Student Worker Perkins 303-492-5957 meta1146@colorado.edu
Michael D Tanksalvala Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-735-1594 michael.tanksalvala@colorado.edu
Arnulf M.K. Taylor Graduate Student Perkins 303-492-7851 arnulf.taylor@colorado.edu
Phoebe M Tengdin Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-4018 phoebe.tengdin@colorado.edu
Kyle D Thatcher Technical Staff Instrument Shop 303-492-7775 kyle.thatcher@colorado.edu
Tobias Thiele Research Associate Regal 303-492-5703 tobias.thiele@jila.colorado.edu
James K Thompson Fellow JILA Thompson 303-492-7558 jkt@jila.colorado.edu
Jeremy M Thurston Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-6663 jeremy.thurston@colorado.edu
Denis Tilipman Graduate Student Linsky 303-492-5170 dennis.tilipman@jila.colorado.edu
Jimmy Tobar Building Staff JILA Facilities jimmy.tobar@colorado.edu
William G Tobias Graduate Student Ye 303-492-7809 william.tobias@colorado.edu
Juri Toomre Fellow JILA Toomre 303-492-7854 jtoomre@jila.colorado.edu
Cynthia L Torres Administrative Staff Administration/Reception 303-492-7789 cynthia.torres@jila.colorado.edu

JILA follows the six University nodes' policies for ensuring harassment-free environments. For more detailed information regarding the University of Colorado policies, please read the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.